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How does NV 2016 Prop #1 - Universal Background Checks - ban private gun sales?

This law requires all gun sales or transfers, except in very limited circumstances, be conducted through a licensed dealer. This would necessarily require the standard ATF Form 4473 and Brady Check. By requiring a sale/transfer that would have previously been conducted by one person to another to be done through another person, creating a federal paper trail, and utilizing federal databases the sale/transfer becomes public. Any time a government regulatory agency or a third-party business person is party to the transaction, it is no longer private. This also triggers a taxable sale as required by NV State Sales Tax Law! This process bans private sales by making them commercial transactions.

Why are you against NV Prop # 1 background checks?

We are not against background checks. This type of law as in other States is not about background checks. Requiring all sales to proceed through a dealer is the intent of the law. Background checks and requiring dealers for all sales/transfers is a Taxable Transaction that we believe is unconstitutional and unenforceable under NV tax codes. It is an illegal tax that devalues your private property by forcing a private seller and private buyer to fund a tax paid to the state of NV. It restricts the disposal of your private property unless someone pays a tax to do so.

NV Gun Registration will be next

Background checks are not the issue. Requiring all sales to proceed through a dealer is the intent of the law. ‘Background checks’ or requiring dealers for all sales/transfers is un-enforceable without mandatory gun registration.  Once all sales are required to go through a dealer, the next step will be to require dealers to report all sales to the state or federal government as happened in California.  The Fees and Sales Taxes are how other states get the funding to continually erode your 2nd Amendment Rights. They make you the "gun owner" pay for the costs of restricting your gun rights while devaluing your privately owned guns.

Think Bicycle for a moment..

What if this law required all bicycle owners to go to a bicycle store with private seller and buyer. You both fill out a form and you're forced to give the store owner your property as their inventory for a consignment sale. The store owner then sells your bike to the buyer that you brought into the store with the bike. There is a $40 fee and a sales tax amount due which is collected by the Store. Let's use $500 as the sales price, tax rate %7.50. The seller wants his $500, the buyer has agreed to pay $500, the Sales Tax = $62.50, the Store owner wants $40.00 fee for his time and trouble and the State charges $25 for the background check.
This nets out to $127.50 in additional costs to someone? The total due is now $627.50. What is most likely to happen is a devaluation of the sales price to the seller. Another option is buyer and seller split the costs of sale like they do in real estate. The net result is this devalues your private property and gives the state a funding source which is a forced confiscation from you. Guns and bicycles are your private property, one and the same.

Think Automobile for a moment..

Using all the same numbers from the bike example above, let's apply this to cars? Most states charge a use tax not a sales tax for a used car sold by a private party. It is not a sales tax. Cars use public roads that must be paid for by taxes. In CA there is a use tax and an expensive transaction compared to NV. In NV there is no sales tax or even a use tax for private party auto sales!   Think about that?

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Why is this Happening in Nevada?

Why do they want to collect a sales tax for a used gun between private parties? Because it is not about doing background checks at all! This is about collecting revenue for universal background checks. Ultimately this revenue can be used for a national gun registration and funding it! Nevada is ground zero for this plan because it's an easy target. If you’re for Gun Control and put large amounts of money into Clark County, Las Vegas Metro area, misleading the voters, it is a good bet you can win. This big metropolitan area has more population than the rest of NV combined! In a ballot initiative that gets passed by popular vote you have a very good chance of winning in a state like NV. Nevada is a very pro-gun State except for Clark County. That is why Prop #1 passed by a mere 9,000 votes state wide. By a thin .8% which is less than 1% of voters! Clark County was the only county that #1 passed in! This should concern every other pro gun state. If it can happen in NV it can happen in any other state.

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Is there a compromise for the good of society?

Citizens compromised in 1934, 1968, 1986, 1993 and most recently citizens compromised in 1994.

California & other States gun owners have consistently compromised and now their rights are nearly gone. Many States have been able to pass laws that are clearly unconstitutional and morally wrong by punishing law abiding citizens. People are now afraid in CA and other States that the guns they have owned all their lives are illegal! They are afraid of citations, confiscation and arrest for keeping the guns their grandparents left to them. This is wrong.

Now in Nevada Prop #1 is forcing a tax on your private property gun collections while trying to hide this fact in the letter of the law that was not disclosed in the ballot initiative. This lack of disclosure in Prop #1 is unconstitutional under Nevada Law.

Get involved and stand up for fair gun laws that make sense and the fewer the better.

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Michael Bloomberg wasted $20 million on Nevada Private Seller Background Check "NV 2016 Prop #1"

This year, Bloomberg got a background check initiative onto the ballots of Maine and Nevada. He lost in Maine by 4 percent, and won in Nevada by just 0.8 percent. Bloomberg’s initiative only eked out the win in Nevada because of the $20 million spent to support it, amounting to an incredible $35.30 per vote. He outspent his opponents by a factor of three – in Maine, by a factor of six. Bloomberg was responsible for more than 90 percent of the money going to support these ballot measures. Now it turns out that an error in how the initiative was written will prevent it from taking effect. This error was just one example of how poorly worded this complicated initiative was. "From the Las Vegas Review-Journal".

A new Nevada law requiring background checks for private party gun sales was deemed unenforceable Wednesday, days before it was to take effect because the FBI refuses to conduct them and the state lacks authority to do so.

Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford, D-Las Vegas, said the Senate “will consider legislative solutions this session to ensure that Nevada law is enforced.” Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford, D-Las Vegas, said the Senate “will consider legislative solutions this session to ensure that Nevada law is enforced.” The Legislature convenes Feb 6. Thus $28 million was spent by Bloomberg on two initiatives this year and neither gets enacted.

It’s not over yet; A Majority Democratic State Legislature will try to pass their own law!

This battle over gun control via Taxing you for your own property is not over yet. It is just beginning and the forces behind these laws restricting your rights hate that this Prop #1 Initiative has been nullified by the Attorney General of Nevada, by the FBI and by this alittle man’s Lawsuit. There will be much more action taken by the brave anti-gun crowds in Nevada but mostly from other states who have no business messing with Nevadans’!

Real Nevadans’ don’t want any more gun control or restrictions on their 2nd Amendment Rights. Real Nevadans’ don’t want to pay unconstitutional private property taxes punishing gun owners. The amount of money spent to mislead the voters and the very thin margin Prop #1 passed by is a clear message that allot of money had a smaller effect than anticipated! They lost in the State of Main in this election also! Here in Nevada the Attorney General said no!  At the Federal Gov level, the FBI said no! Yes we are in a position to win and push back an unfair gun law.

We can win, but we cannot let up now. We need to send a message that is loud and clear and unmistakable! Only Fair Gun Laws for Nevadans’ that do not restrict our rights or devalue our private property!

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